About me

Hello, my name is Emma and I have been living and working in London for over 15 years.

Photography has always been a passion, but it is only recently that I have been able to turn this passion into something more. My love of travel provides me with some great opportunities to visit interesting photogenic places and to interact with the local people to understand their culture. I enjoy observing people and places and use this to create absorbing and exciting images. I have photographed people, places and events all over the world and I aim to create beautiful images that speak for themselves.

Photography is a chance to witness and record amazing moments and I believe a photograph should tell a story and capture emotion so that anyone looking at that photo can understand exactly what was happening at that time. Most of my work is personal but I am starting to shoot some freelance and commissioned projects.

Please feel free to follow me on social media or to contact me directly.

Twitter: @emmajonestog
Instagram: @emmajonesphoto